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What time is check-in and check-out?

Check-in is between 3pm-5pm, check-out is no later than 10am. Early check-in, late check-out may be available for an additional fee. Please contact us to arrange your arrival and departure times.  We know travel schedules are not always on-time, and we try to be as flexible and accommodating as possible. 


How do we check-in and check-out?

We will meet you at the house to personally check you in. You do not have to go to an agency office to pick up or return keys.  We will walk you thru the house, explain the amenities, answer any questions you may have and make sure you are settled in.  We will also personally meet you at the house for check-out to collect the keys, signed paperwork and to say good-bye.

Enhanced Cleaning Procedures

Your health and safety are important to us.  Here’s what we do before your arrival to ensure a clean safe environment for you and your family/friends.

Can I bring pets?

Well-behaved dogs are welcome.  Please let us know if you would like to bring your dog(s) when booking your reservation.  While we love cats and other pets they are not invited due to owner allergies.  We are dog owners ourselves and have built our homes to ensure dog secure backyards.  That being said, if your dog is a known escape artist please be extra careful to ensure they do not get loose.

Each of our homes have gravel areas. These are designated potty areas, please ensure your dog’s use only these designated areas.  Please do not allow your dogs to urinate on the grass or other greenery.  Please pick-up and dispose of all dog droppings before you leave.  If we have to pick-up after your dog a $50 service charge will be deducted from your security deposit. Please be aware that it is illegal in Palm Springs to leave a pet unattended in a car at any time due to the high heat risk.  During the summer the pavement can heat up to over 130 degrees and can severely burn your dog’s paws. Do not walk your dog or allow them on the pavement during peak sun hours, and always check the pavement temperature with your hand before allowing your dog outside. 

What is PDP - "Property Damage Protection" fee and why do I have to pay it?

"Property Damage Protection" or PDP is a required per reservation insurance policy for accidental damage that occurs during your stay.  This policy protects you for up to $5000 in accidental damage to the property.  

Do you offer additional services such as housekeeping, private chefs, and babysitters?

While we do not offer these services directly, we do have many great recommendations for all of these types of services.  We would be more than happy to offer recommendations for any additional services you may need. Additional housekeeping or cleaning during your stay is available directly from our housecleaning team.

What is the “Refundable Noise deposit” and why do I have to pay it?

Some vacation rental properties have created noise problems for their neighbors and consequently the City of Palm Springs has instituted a city wide ordinance for all Vacation Rental properties including ours.

Per city statutes "Amplified MUSIC is not allowed outside of your Vacation Rental unit. Music may not be heard at the property lines at any time of the day (that includes music coming from inside of the home). Please, don’t bring the speakers outside and crank up the music, even if you think everyone will enjoy it. If your neighbors can hear music, you are in violation of the City Ordinance."

The city has zero-tolerance policy and will issue a $500 ticket 100% of the time, no warnings given. If a guest receive a ticket we also receive a $500 ticket and a strike against our VR license.  If we get 3 strikes in a two year period our rental license is suspended fror2 years.  So we take this law very seriously. 

The regulation goes on to state that there is a “quiet enjoyment” provision that prohibits excessive noise of any kind after 10pm.  

We require a “Refundable Noise deposit” that--as the name suggests--is refundable if there are no noise/music fines issued.  Our homes are located in very upscale neighborhoods and are not "party houses" if that is your intent in renting our home, these homes are not right for you.

Can we play music outside or by the pool?  Noise Ordinance Laws

No, the city of Palm Springs has a very strict noise ordinance that prohibits the use of outdoor music of any kind in a vacation rental home.  As well, there is a “quiet enjoyment” ordinance that prohibits excessive noise of any kind after 10pm.  The city maintains a 24/7 hotline for neighbors to report any loud music or noise coming from vacation rental homes.  In general normal use and enjoyment of our homes are well within these limits and do not cause any problems.  If you are unsure about what would be considered excessive noise please consult directly with us at the time of booking.

Is there a maximum number of people allowed per house?

Yes, there are strict legal limits to the number of overnight and daytime guests that are allowed at each property. The overnight and daytime guest limit numbers are dictated by Palm Springs city law, we have cannot deviate from those numbers.  Our 6 bedroom homes allow a maximum of 12 overnight guests (adults and children) plus an additional two children under the age of 12.  Please see each of our listings for the exact number of guests legally allowed for that property.

Is there tax on rentals?

Yes, an 12.5% Palm Springs Occupancy tax is required by law for all stays under 28 days. Reservations of more than 28 days require no tax to be charged.  Tax is calculated on the base rental fees, cleaning and PDP fees. Optional fees such as pool heat are not taxable.

Is there someone available to answer questions or if a problem arises during my stay?

Yes, we are available via text, email and phone 24/7 during your stay to answer any questions and to assist in any way possible.  As well, each house has a "House Information" sheet that provides essential information regarding emergencies, security, pool cleaning and gardening times, as well as other features and amenities for each home.  

Why is there a strange man in the backyard?  Pool Cleaning and Gardner visits. 

Each home has weekly yard maintenance and twice weekly pool maintenance. These time schedules are posted within each home,.  Please be aware that these workers will appear unannounced during their scheduled times and will enter through the side gate. The time and days of these services cannot be changed or altered.  If you would prefer to have no maintenance done during your stay please let us know at the time of booking. We will do our best to accommodate your request. 

What is your Cancellation Policy?

60 days prior to scheduled arrival date, you will receive a full refund of any advance deposit(s) or pre-paid amounts less a $250 cancellation fee and any credit card or processing fees psLux incurs.


Between 0 and 59 days prior to scheduled arrival, no refund is required. However, if we are able to re-rent the property, we will refund the amount we were able to re-rent it for, up to my pre-paid amount, less a $250 cancellation fee and any credit card or processing fees incurred.


No refund will be given for early departures. Special event weekends and holidays (Christmas/New Years, Thanksgiving, Coachella, etc.) and long-term rentals (stays 28 nights or more), will receive no refunds unless we are able to re-rent at equal value.

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